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Playing with Electrons to Make Stories: Lost in the Kingdom of Memories

Playing with Electrons to Make Stories: Lost in the Kingdom of Memories: Lords and Ladies of memory and possibility. Art By: Me Author's Note: Holy crizzap, I actually wrote something and didn't...  By a friend of mine Ian Hagan and he has a very interesting world.I have been following him for a long time.  

Monday, January 16, 2017

The Character's Tale

An Adventurer through planes and times
He could go to the future or the past Without rhyme or reason; He might leave at night, and travel through a portal and be in the bright light of the sun shining down on his skin, and he will try hard not to sin, or he might be at a dinner party and attend a ball. Later he would perform many dances in hopes to find a fair maiden. In the future he has become a shape shifter. He is a time lord and he hopes to be a Hero. He is never bored, and never feels low. How long will his adventures last. He might be in the past wearing Chain Mail. In the Middle Ages he will talk to many sages to figure out how to control his powers. Then in the future, he may have to live like a mole, and escape before his life sours. He might be a Hero in the Civil War and is torn between the idea that this war is about brother versus brother and know that it was to give freedom to slaves. Or he might be a bell ringer with a hunched back in the steeple of Notre Dame. He might a foreign language called French and it might be the Baroque Age or he might be a mage. Another time he might be rich and be able to change his size and become a hero that fights crime. Or in the middle ages or another plane of existence, he might have been a Litch. You know he will never be a zero. All these things happen without rhyme of reason. Is it his fate or destiny.

Adventures of Franklin Stargazer and the Gene Children 1/14/17

Adventures of Franklin Stargazer and the Gene Children 1/14/17

Noel and Franklin Stargazer and Alexander woke up in a grass field and birds are chirping and we are naked. It is a bright and Sunshiny day. We don't know much about ourselves except our names. We introduce ourselves to each other. Alexander has tan, yellowish colored fur. We all seem to look alike. We also notice we all seem to have a tail. There seems to be a fourth being like us in the forest. Alexander says, “Wait you look like us.” Then the fourth one climbs a tree with his tail. We question why we are here. The fourth one answers, “To Survive it is the Law of Nature.” He decides to stay with us and stays away at arms length.

The Fourth one dismounts spectacularly as he flips and lands on the ground. He begins to play with the end of his tail. He then tells us his name is Maximus.

Maximus tries to pull a tree down and he starts to hurt. He succeeds and starts running and stumbles and he is sweating. Then he snaps off a branch while his tail holds onto it. Then he goes to a fruit tree and gets some fruit.

We find large leaves on a tree and then Franklin finds some vines and we begin to build a lean too. As we are doing that Maximus finds a Miracle Golden Viper & while it's eyes are closed, it is relatively harmless, as long as it doesn't speak. It has a large head. It says, “Is that a person?” Maximus then begins to make cricket noises. It then says, “A smart person, not a cricket, you most definitely recognize what I am.” As Alexander is slowly backing away from it. Noel starts to leave the camp. Franklin absently walks toward Maximus and Alexander.

Maximus is Two Hundred feet away from us and is looking for animals and he sees Alexander backing away from the camp. As Alexander is leaving, he thinks Franklin sees the snake. Noel starts to feel guilty. Alexander feels confident and starts taking to the snake on. The snake stops and veers up as an arm begins to come out of it. It start to get wider. I describe the scene to Noel and Alexander tells me not to speak. Alexander asks the snake thing, “What are you?” It replies, “Right now I think I am the same thing you are.” Then Alex gets dizzy and falls to the ground. Maximus has dry, red eyes and sees Alexander in distress and pulls him away. As Noel and Franklin grab leaves to hide behind and are prowling away from the creature.

I didn't mean to do that” the creature says, then closes it's eyes. It becomes a tall humanoid a foot taller than us and says, “I am like the snake but I am different and have a conscience.” Alexander has a head ache and wakes up and asks, “Why are you here?”

I'm here actually for you four. This is a welcoming ceremony.” Franklin begins to head toward the others and says, “Who is welcoming us?” It replies, “I am here to host you in the destiny in which it shall flow and your adventures shall begin.”

Alexander heads toward a fruit tree and gets vertigo as he is told to stop. It says, “What your are feeling are the dimensions solidifying.” We smell smoke like Sulfur, and a barn burning. As it starts to cough it falls to the ground. The scales on the creature begin to fall off and it seems to have a square face, wearing a mask with stars on it.

As Alexander grabbed the fruit from the tree it had no skin and he bit into it, the fruit seemed to be the most succulent fruit he ever tasted. Then he spits it out because he doesn't know what kind of fruit it is and thinks it might be poisonous.

The creature starts to stand up and Two stars look like it's eyes, Saying “Food clothes and weapons are over there. This place is not a nice place.” Pointing in the direction of a building, as clothes appear on it and then it disappears. Some of us see a ship in the distance. Noel and Maximus start to run toward the ship in the distance. Noel realizes that he doesn't tire and that he is running fast.

The others of the group head toward a wooden cabin that the creature with the star eyes was pointing at. A huge man with a silver mask is standing in front of the doorway. Alexander stops in front of him, and looks up at him and asks about the food and clothes. The large man says they are inside there and “Are you going to pay me, correct?” We say yes. Inside we find a security crate with both of our names on it along with a keyboard and type our name on the keyboard. The crates are very heavy and can't be moved very easily.

Inside we find guns and an object with a red light that attaches to the guns and a suit that fits us. On the guns and the other object it says Made in Braska. We are amazed by the suits we put on. Instead of paying the man we find a Gravity Flux machine and he accepts that as payment for our supplies. Then he says, “Be careful out there, Coalition Soldiers are out there.”

Noel's heart starts to pounding hard and he slows to rest to catch his breath & keeps going at a slower pace. Two beings with helmets off are outside of a vehicle. One person with blond hair and wearing an earpiece is smoking and green smoke is coming out of his mouth, as the other one starts to walk away. Noel slowly approaches them. The other guy spots Noel and says, “What the Hell?” Noel says, “Hi there.”
What are you doing here?”
I got lost from my group and they might have played a joke on me; can you help me?”
Lost your people huh”
The smoking man says, “I don't like blokes with tails and no fur”
Noel half turns. The smoking man has a rifle pointed at Noel.
The other guy pats down Noel and grabs his tail.

A couple of us can follow Noel and we see what is happening to Noel. A soldier grabs a vibro-knife and he starts scraping Noel's tail and tries to take it off of him. Noel is very nervous, but works up some bravery. The guy in front of him laughs and tries to keep his aim on Noel. Alexander examines the gun and it starts to light up and says “Authorize” then he finds and loads the bullets into the gun and aims the gun at a Coalition soldier. We find out the guns are keyed to the suits we and the other soldiers wear. The soldiers start to talk about Pre-Rifts Lore and we start to remember it.

Noel uses his tail to lift the soldier up in the air with it's strength. Then his tail flips the soldier and Noel moves forward and pulls the gun out of the soldiers hand. Another Soldier is up against the car door with the gun pointed at him by Noel. One soldier is kneeling and is aiming a pistol at Noel and pulls the trigger and hits Noel with a stun pistol. Noels world goes black and feels pain in his heart. Then with the second shot Noel and falls to the ground.

Franklin sees flashes of light and tells the others about the vehicle in the distance. We run over there as we pull out our guns. As the soldier tries to cut off Noel's tail a gun shot goes past Maximus's shoulder then another shot hits him and he rolls with the shock of the shot. Franklin slides behind some trees and rocks. Two holes appear in a log by Maximus and two shots go over his shoulder. Maximus aims at where the shots came from and hits the soldier shooting at him & kills the soldier.
Noel awakens to the sound of gunshots and has a head ache. Noel realizes he still has his tail, as a torso of a soldier drops and his armor is smoking. The guy that was smoking and getting high is the soldier that just died and has no upper torso. Noel found a gauntlet that is whole and grabs and puts on the gauntlet and grabs the dead soldiers gun with it.

Alexander hears the cracking of bark and we realize a war is going on around us. Alexander hits and kills another coalition soldier. “How many is that so far?” We hear the big guy from the cabin asking. Alexander replies “Three.” Big Guy says, “There are a couple over here.” Franklin notices the Big Guy getting hit in the shoulder as the Big Guy doesn't even notice he was hit.

Noel runs behind the car and sees splatters of red in the air. Noel uses the gauntlet to open the car and finds and puts on the jacket. Also in the car is a rocket launcher and a first aid kit. Noel is about to grab the Rocket launcher and puts down the rifle, as the car starts to flip over. Noel notices two holes in the jacket.

The Big Guy uses a gun with a black ball in the front of it and it is getting bigger in radius around him. We cover our ears, even at One Hundred and Fifty feet away we feel the gravity pull at us. Then we all duck for cover. We feel a scraping across our backs and there is no noise. The rocket launcher lands on Noel as he gets out of the car. The forest is flattened for a Hundred Yards. The Big Guy pops up and says, “That worked.” We got your gear, we tell Noel and head to the shed.

You guys owe me money!” says the Big Guy. The Star Being shows up and asks us, “Does this place suit you?” Franklin and the others say, that we love this place and choose to stay here. Then the Star being says, “Young Dragon here is your payment” and hands him a gold bar. The big guy says “This is Sector Centaur. Try not to take advantage of others with less intelligence than you.” He also tells he built the gun that flattened the forest as Alexander runs toward the gun.

Doungen Crawls are magic, the beggining!

My Little Pony Savage Worlds
Tangled up in Glue.

I play a colt with no flank mark or cutie mark, named Golden Shield. He is a student in middle school in Canterlot. Shield Defense is my mother and a distant cousin to a royal mare named Cadence. We live in a high class neighborhood, in a house paid by for the royal family.  My dad, Samuel Clydsdale is a merchant selling magical goods.

While looking for healing herbs one day, I accidently bumped into a cottage. A strong ugly, muscled zebra answers the door. He becomes my bodyguard and  We meet a bard named Erick Clopton.   We have adventures and fight evil.

I wish I could find these notes for this game.  More happened but I have forgotten what all happened.

Scoot a Leutz aka Golden Sheild

Tales of Gamma World Song of the Mutant Tribe and Snowbreaker the Yeti Bard

Tales of Gamma World Song of the Mutant Tribe and Snowbreaker the Yeti Bard

Song of the Blood Birds
Battling Blood Birds during a Quest,
This is the greatest test to be the best.
Our Leader was hurt by their bite.
We did all we could to show our might.
The dappled light through the leaves,
Snow Beserker shot many arrows and heaved,
her Ax and the Blade made snacks of the Blood Birds.
They heard of the tribe, defeated them with grace, drugs weren't imbibed.

Leeson had them gone, before you knew and it became lore.
In four shots the lots of birds were down and their feathers will be used to keep us warm;
also our fathers will be proud of us and it will be no loss.

In an unexpected meeting, we met a falcon, it was forgone that we met her
and the teens that she taught. Also that they helped us to have fought the enemy.
The future, the simian did see. Harry a learned student, bent to help us in the end near a swamp
that was guarded by many a foe. Low we will win.

Four monsters guarded our goal,
and we will save the innocent soul.
It was a hard fought battle,
with the help of the teens it was settled.
Many a round, was this bound
to last and a blast of damage
A young sage foretold our future win.

The Hostage found and unbound.
We found our prize an android and a human,
best of friends kept prisoner bound by their hands.
The sands of time couldn't keep them away from us and the oracle.
A tool to keep the tribe safe, to lead us on the right path.
As it was told, it hath come true, through and through.
Snow Breaker the Berserker and Leeson a true friend
brought them around a bend back to our tribe.
Then we did party and imbibe lots of ale that we didn't fail
As it was foretold. We were a bold group.
We danced with a hoop and had a feast of soup and meat.
It was great that the enemy we beat.
As we saved our village and pillaged the enemy base.

The human and the android built a battery run by wind and vents in the sea
that powered our future through the oracle. It had a great pull in our life
as the fife and beat of the band played at that party by the sea.

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Jason's Game: Adventures on Olendiak

Jandor Lansor, my character is a navigator and scout/space marine, on the Black Star, crash landed on Olendiak in the Olendiapaz Galaxy; this galaxy is off limits, when Chaos attacked the ship.  Therefore it shattered and his cryogenic chamber was the only one to open.  I met a group of snake men, called the Ana'Liqui, they were a survey team and mechanics on more expensive ships, because they can get into tight spaces.  They had a nice base and told me how to get to the space station possibly owned by the Stom, a group of giants. One Stom was a god, called Bladeforge.  On the way to the space station, I met a mountain dwarf, named Travar, who lived high up on the mountain ranges called Mount Solitaire; We share a small meal together of deer, but I didn't have the seasoning quite correct, so he gives me the seasonings to smoke or preserve the venison and improve the taste of it.  He decides to leave his area, he owns and to travel with me to the stone face as he calls it.  When we arrive Jandor inspects the face and finds a lever in the nose of the face, an pulls it causing it to split in half. Behind it we see a small door and I find out Travar is a thief.  He gets shocked a few times and finally the door opens wide enough for a capital ship to pass through it, doing so drains most of the power of the spaceport.  We search the hangar bay, and the depth of it is Fathomless.  Later we search side passages and find a control room where 2 reptilian beings were killed fleeing away from a monster.  Behind the control room is a lounge with 6 tables of various sizes to fit many different races of beings.  Later we go back to the hanger bay and look up and see some large glass like nails on the ceiling and see space ships docked on them.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Day 2 of Warhammer 40K, Dark Heresy

Some info about the Players and their characters

+Robert Noakes - Awesome GM - Warhammer 40K Enthusiast
Me-Cleric-Void Born-The Navigator/Pilot in Space
+Jason Coplen - Guard- Imperial Born - Warrior / Body Guard of our group
+James Browning - Thief / Scum- World this character is from not remembered- cool character Job
+Shelly Altenburg - Ascension Guard - Imperial  Born - Battle Chick

It all started with a deal and a half from Jason Coplen to Me, but after hearing how much Robert Noakes loved a previous Dark Heresy character that was part of the Inquisition.  This showed me the enthusiasm he had for the game.  There for I sold him the books about the Heresy/Inquisition and Rogue Trader

Last week we made characters, which went most smoothly, thanks to Rob's knowledge of the system, and he set up what our mission was when we interacted with a couple of characters that explained that there were mutant miners that are holding the gas hostage.  Also we earned 200 XP at the beginning of Today for last week's game.

Today we entered the mine and interacted with a couple of large stinky hobbling monsters and of course we all worked together and shot off legs and destroyed them with a couple of critical hits. Next we found a miner hiding behind a table and bound his hands/arms and dragged him along because he would know how to open doors with more advanced technology, and know how to get out of the mine. Also we were ambushed by a group of 4 enemies hiding behind natural pillars, This fight was interesting because one of the enemies was the bait and we got surrounded by the other 3, quite an interesting battle and we were introduced to friendly fire and the negatives to the roll because one might hit a party member/s. After defeating the rebels, the next room led to a pink glowing crystal that almost mutated us and a portal to Chaos  was opened.  It sent out a Plague Carrier and it was a great battle, that led to it's defeat. Later we used a string of grenades and dropped the ceiling on the portal to Chaos.  Lastly we were at the Storage Facility with the gas tanks and some of them were leaking, so we had to switch to melee weapons and our weapon skill instead of Ballistics skill. There we had a glorious battle against a mutant and defeated it.  This is where the convention module ended and we earned a total of 600 XP to build our characters with.  I realised I have to raise my Weapon Skill because I am best at Ballistics, and worked on my hand to hand through failure against the mutant.

Rob our GM is a pretty good GM and slowly added the more advanced rules as we play.  My downfall is math and Degrees of Success is difficult for me but between Rob and Shelly they help out me and the other's with this problem.  Rob also uses the Attribute associated with the skill/initiative check to decide the order of attack or how much we learn about the adventure or what is happening around us.  The adventure was very enjoyable and shall continue from that point, after we update skill/attributes, all from the wonderful mind of Robert Noakes.  Overall Dark Heresy is a fun game and our Player Characters worked together well and fun was had by all.  His enthusiasm he had showed through to his game. Lastly Jason decided to sell Rob the rest of his 40K books he had in the set.  May this lead to many more enjoyable games in this Universe/Galaxy.