Sunday, June 9, 2013

Jason's Game: Adventures on Olendiak

Jandor Lansor, my character is a navigator and scout/space marine, on the Black Star, crash landed on Olendiak in the Olendiapaz Galaxy; this galaxy is off limits, when Chaos attacked the ship.  Therefore it shattered and his cryogenic chamber was the only one to open.  I met a group of snake men, called the Ana'Liqui, they were a survey team and mechanics on more expensive ships, because they can get into tight spaces.  They had a nice base and told me how to get to the space station possibly owned by the Stom, a group of giants. One Stom was a god, called Bladeforge.  On the way to the space station, I met a mountain dwarf, named Travar, who lived high up on the mountain ranges called Mount Solitaire; We share a small meal together of deer, but I didn't have the seasoning quite correct, so he gives me the seasonings to smoke or preserve the venison and improve the taste of it.  He decides to leave his area, he owns and to travel with me to the stone face as he calls it.  When we arrive Jandor inspects the face and finds a lever in the nose of the face, an pulls it causing it to split in half. Behind it we see a small door and I find out Travar is a thief.  He gets shocked a few times and finally the door opens wide enough for a capital ship to pass through it, doing so drains most of the power of the spaceport.  We search the hangar bay, and the depth of it is Fathomless.  Later we search side passages and find a control room where 2 reptilian beings were killed fleeing away from a monster.  Behind the control room is a lounge with 6 tables of various sizes to fit many different races of beings.  Later we go back to the hanger bay and look up and see some large glass like nails on the ceiling and see space ships docked on them.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Day 2 of Warhammer 40K, Dark Heresy

Some info about the Players and their characters

+Robert Noakes - Awesome GM - Warhammer 40K Enthusiast
Me-Cleric-Void Born-The Navigator/Pilot in Space
+Jason Coplen - Guard- Imperial Born - Warrior / Body Guard of our group
+James Browning - Thief / Scum- World this character is from not remembered- cool character Job
+Shelly Altenburg - Ascension Guard - Imperial  Born - Battle Chick

It all started with a deal and a half from Jason Coplen to Me, but after hearing how much Robert Noakes loved a previous Dark Heresy character that was part of the Inquisition.  This showed me the enthusiasm he had for the game.  There for I sold him the books about the Heresy/Inquisition and Rogue Trader

Last week we made characters, which went most smoothly, thanks to Rob's knowledge of the system, and he set up what our mission was when we interacted with a couple of characters that explained that there were mutant miners that are holding the gas hostage.  Also we earned 200 XP at the beginning of Today for last week's game.

Today we entered the mine and interacted with a couple of large stinky hobbling monsters and of course we all worked together and shot off legs and destroyed them with a couple of critical hits. Next we found a miner hiding behind a table and bound his hands/arms and dragged him along because he would know how to open doors with more advanced technology, and know how to get out of the mine. Also we were ambushed by a group of 4 enemies hiding behind natural pillars, This fight was interesting because one of the enemies was the bait and we got surrounded by the other 3, quite an interesting battle and we were introduced to friendly fire and the negatives to the roll because one might hit a party member/s. After defeating the rebels, the next room led to a pink glowing crystal that almost mutated us and a portal to Chaos  was opened.  It sent out a Plague Carrier and it was a great battle, that led to it's defeat. Later we used a string of grenades and dropped the ceiling on the portal to Chaos.  Lastly we were at the Storage Facility with the gas tanks and some of them were leaking, so we had to switch to melee weapons and our weapon skill instead of Ballistics skill. There we had a glorious battle against a mutant and defeated it.  This is where the convention module ended and we earned a total of 600 XP to build our characters with.  I realised I have to raise my Weapon Skill because I am best at Ballistics, and worked on my hand to hand through failure against the mutant.

Rob our GM is a pretty good GM and slowly added the more advanced rules as we play.  My downfall is math and Degrees of Success is difficult for me but between Rob and Shelly they help out me and the other's with this problem.  Rob also uses the Attribute associated with the skill/initiative check to decide the order of attack or how much we learn about the adventure or what is happening around us.  The adventure was very enjoyable and shall continue from that point, after we update skill/attributes, all from the wonderful mind of Robert Noakes.  Overall Dark Heresy is a fun game and our Player Characters worked together well and fun was had by all.  His enthusiasm he had showed through to his game. Lastly Jason decided to sell Rob the rest of his 40K books he had in the set.  May this lead to many more enjoyable games in this Universe/Galaxy. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Going to start a new game in a new system, called Mutant Futures, with some of the same NPC's, changed a little. It's going to be on a Planet of my making and when I play next with Jason, I will update you all about it.  

I have been reading and read 18 books this year so far. Hope to finish 'Isle of Blood' The Monster-mologist 3 soon, to make it 19.  Some of the books I'm currently reading are giving me ideas for the new planet along with other science fiction adventures I've had with Jason in the past.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

First adventure of Gamma World-Test Trial

On the Jan. 20th I ran a test run of the first scenario of the basic Gamma World set. The combat went well. I ran it with 4 characters instead of 5. At first the combat was Jason's 2 playing characters, a Yeti-Empath, named Dillian Leeson & a mind breaker-Hawk vs. a motorcyclist Hog. His characters did a lot of damage and destroyed the first enemy.
Later I added the 3rd and 4th playing character, one a character that gives off a metallic smell when he uses his powers or gives off sparks, named Urgood Urthson. The 4th character is dense and compact, solid mutant, he gives off a purple and black radiant glow, and he mainly talks telepathically, named Sam Franks.
They fought all 4 of the enemies and defeated them. I didn't use powers but in the second scenario I will. Also Jason said he would play all 4 of the characters. Also I will try to run the monsters better. I look forward to the next battle/scenario.
At the end of the scenario, The Hawk Empath found a head mounted laser that will be powered by Urgood.
Also the characters can talk telepathically because of Sam.

Jason was impressed with the system, & I believe my understanding of the system will get better with practice.
Also I think i found a bigger character sheet, and all I have to do is hook up my printer or get Jason some ink for his printer.

I purchased the expansion of Gamma World "Famine in Far-Go",based in the USA after the apocalypse at
East Dah-Koh-Tah. The game adds origins and some more Allegiances, or cryptic alliances.

Over all I am happy with the system and later on Jason said he would look on-line for the cards for powers and technology for Gamma World.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Started working on Characters for a new game I picked up called Gamma World RPG made by Wizards of the Coast. I Found a site that helps create fast mutants randomly link for Gamma World RPG Random Char. Generator . After making up 2 more characters by hand I think I have the system for making mutants down.
It uses cards for the technology and for powers that the mutants have, looks to be a lot of fun.
Looking forward to running Jason in the game to get ready to run my nephew in the scenario, and hope it leads to lots more free form games with my nephew.

Monday, January 2, 2012

New movie based on the writing of Edgar A. Poe

While looking at a few other blogs I found this interesting blog about the movie 'The Raven' coming out about Edgar Allen Poe's stories, made into a mystery about who is trying to frame the amazing author.  It looks awesome, looking forward to seeing this movie.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hey New here.  Welcome to the page.

Happy New Years Eve.